BIZARRE: Bees Are Helping Scientists Detect The COVID-19 Virus!

It is said that if bees die, it is the end for humanity as well. Since every third bite of food you take is made by bees, bees are said to be very important for life on earth. Now bees have started to play a crucial role in the pandemic as well. Some scientists in the Netherlands from the Wageningen University have trained bees to detect the Coronavirus through their sense of smell. Hence just by smeeling a sample, the bees will be able to detect whether the small is positive or negative.

This experiment was carried on about 150 bees by giving them the sugar and water solution as a reward everytime they stuck out their tongue if they detected the virus. Soon, they realized that they would get rewarded, hence they began to stick out their tongues each time they detected the virus in the sample.

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