Bakery In Germany Prepares Special Vaccine Cakes To Promote COVID-19 Vaccines

To celebrate the year of the COVID-19 vaccine, Germany’s Schuerner’s Baking Paradise in Dortmund has created special vaccine cakes. The owner of the store, Tim Kortuem, wanted to create cakes that would be a spin-off to the pandemic.

“First we were a bit sceptical whether it would be a bit too macabre,” he said. “But then we did it after all. Because even for anti-vaxxers it’s funny. It is a vaccine without any side effects. And you can come back and get another one because it is so yummy.”

Last year, this bakery got inspired by the panic-buying habits of customers when the lockdown was first announced and create toilet-roll cakes. Although, these cakes won’t help provide immunity against the novel Coronavirus, this attempt was only to promote the vaccines that are currently underway!


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