An Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) Officer Has Come Up With Eco-Friendly Wedding Cards

As time passes, more and more eco-friendly substitutes of everything are coming up, From eco-friendly Ganpati to eco-friendly straws, alternatives are everywhere. But this Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) Officer has come up with something amazing!

Shashikanth Korravath, who is an Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) Officer and a native resident of Shadnagar, Telangana is about get married soon. He designed his wedding from seed paper, when you tear the paper and sow it in the ground, the card will grow into three different beautiful flower plants and the envelope will grow into three different vegetables plants.

He continued, “Papers when disposed cause pollution and also the depletion of green cover from the earth, so, it is high time now that we embark on Eco-friendly way of living.” He said that since marriage is like a new beginning, he wanted to take a step ahead and make it new green beginning. The couple also plans to get married in an eco-friendly manner, that is they will try to generate minimum plastic waste.


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