An Indian Guy Takes Best Out Of Waste To A Whole Different Level By Building A Volkswagen Just From Scrapes!

We have all been a part of best out waste competitions in school. From making decorative pieces to actually making something useful out of waste, best out of waste competitions have been a part of our childhood. But wait till you hear about this guy from Kerala, India, he took best out of waste to a whole different level!

Rakesh Babu, a man living in Kerala, India, built his own version of a miniature Volkswagen Beetle just from scrape materials and other scrape cars. For the engine of his car, he used the engine of a Suzuki Samurai bike and the LED headlights and tyres are from an autorickshaw. Since Rakesh’s father owns a vehicle shop, it was very easy for him to get some scrape materials.

Other parts of the car are also made from scrapes and used car parts like the bumper is from a motorcycle, door handles are made from an Ambassador, mirrors are from a TVS Fiero FX bike and last but not the least the front glass is made from polycarbonate sheet. Since he could not afford a gear for his car and didn’t find a used, he made the reverse gear himself!

Though Rakesh’s car is much smaller than the original Beetle and is a two seater car, it can give a milege of 30 km/litre and can run at 40 km/hr. It even has a fuel tank capacity of 4 litres.


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