After The Bride Tested Positive, This Couple Gets Married Through A Window

They say nothing can stop true love, not even the force of nature, this story about a California couple will make you believe in this theory. A couple in California, Lauren Jimenez and Patrick Delgado had planned everything for their wedding, but just three days before the weeding, the bride was found Covid positive.

“When she got that positive test result, I’ll be honest, it took a massive toll on her,” said the groom Patrick Delgado. But the couple still wanted to get married so they decided to do it the ‘Tangled’ way. The bride was sitting by the window of her bedroom which was on the first floor and the groom was on the ground, they were each holding an end of a decorated ribbon like they would hold hands and said ‘I do’.

They couple conducted the wedding in such a manner because they already had changed their plans thrice due to the pandemic. Their wedding was just attended by ten guests and all of them watched the ceremony from their cars parked across the street. “We were cautious throughout the entire time, making sure that we always wore our masks everywhere,” the groom said.

Credits: Facebook/ Jesscaste Photography

“Although it’s definitely not how we envisioned our wedding day, Patrick and I were able to exchange our vows to each other.” “Patrick has been the best partner. Since we don’t live together, he would FaceTime me every day and reassure me that we can get through anything together. I feel so lucky to have a partner who will support, love, and navigate through tough times,” the bride added.

“If we can get through 2020, Patrick and I can get through anything. I know Patrick and I will also share laughs about how crazy, unique, and different our wedding day turned out. We will definitely be sharing this story with our children and grandchildren someday. Being a quarantined bride has not been ideal, but I’m trying to make the best of our situation. I can’t wait till I can be with Patrick and finally give him a kiss,” she added.

Credits: Facebook/ Jesscaste Photography

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