A Stray Dog Outside A Mall In Philippines Gets Hired As A Security Guard

Dogs are like a gift to humanity. They are loyal and best friends of human beings, hence it comes with no surprise that some people raise them like they would raise their own kids. People now-a-days adopt a dog at their workplace to take some break from work, this helps to lessen the stress levels also. In the same way, in a mall in Phillippines, a stray dog was often spotted around the mall, hence he was hired as a member of the mall’s security team.

The dog was named by the security team as ‘DogDog’ and now he can roam around inside the mall freely. The dog was also seen playing and spending time with the visitors. He also acts like a therapy dog for some visitors. Good initiative by the security team of this mall, since stray dogs are the ones who are neglected the most.


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