A New More Deadlier Mutant Of The Coronavirus Is Now Surfacing In The UK

The UK recently started the coronavirus vaccine trials, but to make matters worse a new mutant is now surfacing in the UK. This new mutant has a higher transmission rate, and is more deadly. WHO (the World Health Organization) is now looking into this matter.

“In some senses it means we have to work harder. Even if the virus has become a little bit more efficient in spreading, the virus can be stopped,” WHO’s emergencies chief Michael Ryan said in a press conference. “So this situation is not in that sense out of control. But it cannot be left to its own devices.”

With all this happening, the WHO still has some positive news for us. The vaccines now in trial all around the world will work on this new mutant as well and any other if they ever surface. Even though this mutant has a higher transmission rate, it is less transmissible than many other deadly diseases like mumps, etc.

“So far, even though we have seen a number of changes, a number of mutations, none has made a significant impact on either the susceptibility of the virus to any of the currently used therapeutics, drugs or the vaccines under development and one hopes that will continue to be the case,” WHO Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan told the briefing.


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