A Dubai Resident Swims 2 Hours To Survive While Falling Off From A Yacht Party

Taking a yacht ride and exploring a city in a whole different way is a surreal experience. The viewing experience from a yacht is so satisfying for the eyes, but wait till you hear what happened with this 27 year old when he was riding a yacht for a friend’s birthday party.

Rajveer Vakani, a 27 year old was attending a friend’s birthday party which was on a yacht and he accidently fell off it. The party was actually on the upper deck, and Rajveer was the last person to reach on the top, from where he accidently fell.

Rajveer was in the water for about 20 minutes, he had done everything at this point, shouted, whistled, but no one heard him. He then decided to swim to the shore. He looked around and spotted the Burj Al Arab and started to swim in the direction. Rajveer said he is not a very good swimmer but he does hit the gym.

After almost two hours, he reached the shore and strangers on the shore helped him to reach to his family. He then called his brother, his friends on the yacht had already contacted the police. Hence the authorities already knew his story.


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