5 Things You Can Buy Instead Of The Price One Apple Product

It is no surprise that Apple products are ridiculously expensive. Though they are good quality devices, yet the price is too much for something like this. This list will make you think twice the next time you buy any apple products. To tell exactly how expensive these products can be, we have compared them with 5 other things:

  1. Instead of one iPhone 12 mini, you can buy almost four years of broadband service.
  2. For the price of one iMac 5K Retina, you can get at least 109 Tommy Hilfiger analogue watches.
  3. When it comes to coffee, you can get about 12,830 Venti Coffee Latte at Starbucks against one MacBook Pro.
  4. Also, you can get about 4 Harley Davidson Iron 883 instead of one Mac Pro.
  5. One Mac Pro can also buy you 8 Wagon R cars.
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