5 Bizarre Scientific Facts Which Will Make You Say, WHAT???

Science is amazing! While it has the answers to all humanity’s problems, some scientific facts are quite bizarre. They literally make you think more about everything. For example, little crab-like things are crawling on your face, UGHHHH. So here are 5 more weird and bizarre scientific facts which will make you go, WHAT????

  1. There are black holes that just are floating around in space and potentially messing up the solar system just by passing through it.
  2. Your brain is making decisions before you are been aware of the decisions it has made. It also makes decisions based on learned behaviour and you just go along with it.
  3. There is a fungus that turns ants into zombies.
  4. There is a supermassive star 7600 light-years away named Eta Carinae. It is about 200 times the mass of our sun. Its size is about the size of our entire solar system. It is 5 million times brighter than our sun. And it is very very very near to burst into a supernova. It might have already happened and the shock wave is on the way.
  5. Literally, everything that you know or feel or experience in total is just a series of electric impulses and nothing else.

So which fact amazed you the most?

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