3 Zombie Like Creatures That Actually Exist In This World!

Zombie is a term we associate with beings you have lost their power to think and analyse, and a somewhat a threat to their own species. We have all heard about zombies in general, but zombies are fictional creatures, thank god for that! But here are 3 zombie-like creatures in the animal world:

Zombie Rats: 

A parasite called as Toxoplasma turns rats into zombies. It works by paralysing the rats brain that ultimately makes it less afraid of cats it basically makes it in dead, hence the rat ends up getting killed faster.

Zombie Carpenter Ants: 

Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, a fungal parasite is the reason why certain ants turn into zombies. It is a virus which causes the end to climb onto a leaf and wait there until it dies. Hence this is how the virus spreads because other ants come and eat that plant.

Zombie Spiders:

A kind of Zatypota wasps turns a species of Anelosimus eximius spiders into zombies. By doing this the wasps have the control of the spiders mind and hence the spider becomes the host for the wasp’s offsprings.

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