2.5ft Tall Man Who Appeals To Local Cops To Find A Wife For Him Finally Gets Hitched

Credits: Pixabay

A 2.5ft tall man from Uttar Pradesh, India named Azeem Mansuri was heartbroken because he could not find a partner for himself. Hence he went to the local cops and asked for their help. The cops took the help of social media, and within weeks Azeem was flooded with marriage proposals! The cops successfully found a match for him and now he is happily engaged to her!

A while ago, the 26-year-old asked the female cops of his area to help him out. His to-be bride is named Bushra. The couple exchanged their rings and the families of both bride and groom gave their blessings to the new couple. Bushra is a first-year B.Com student, the engaged couple will get married as soon as she finishes her graduation.