15 Years Old Boy Builds An Electric Bike From Scrap Parts!

Lockdown 2020 really made us realise that we have so many hidden talents. Many people started to cook, many started to draw and paint, they would have never done if it wasn’t for the lockdown. One such boy who discovered his hidden in the lockdown is 15-year-old Prathamesha Sutara, living in Karnataka, India. He created an electric bike completely from scrap parts! Most of the scrap parts were from his father’s garage.

Prathamesha said, “Fuel prices are skyrocketing these days and common man cannot afford the current fuel price. I was sitting idle at home during the lockdown and post lockdown too since schools were closed. So, I decided to do something on my own and I built an electric bike with the help of my father.”

He explained, “After charging the battery, it gives mileage of 40 km. The maximum speed of the bike is 40 km per hour. Another specialty is that this bike has a reverse gear.”

The only new things that he bought was for the electric rechargeable motor, a 48 voltage motor, Lead Acid 48 voltage battery and a 750 watt motor. The overall cost to create the bike was about Rs. 25,000 (AED 1250), which so less than an average bike available in the market!

Prakash Sutara, the boy’s father, who is an electrician, said, “I am really happy for my son as he used to free time for a good job. Being an electrician, even I did not know much about the electric bike mechanism. I have learned from my son during his adventure and I am hopeful that one day he will do something bigger which will make us feel more proud.”


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