11 Ducks Meet Daily For A Swim & Twitter Goes Crazy

Life is too short to create enemies and especially with the pandemic situation all of our priorities have changed whether it be work, family or even friends. Similarly, pets are known to be mans best friends and animals do teach us a lot about friendship, love and loyalty. Its also known for animals to always have each other’s back in the toughest situation which is truly a remarkable example for human mankind. 

On this note, a video on twitter has gone viral where a group of 11 ducks meet daily for a swim and return to there respective home safely. Like humans, they too walk-in a group and go from door to door to call their friends. In the video, it can be seen that the ducks gather around the corner of the lane to wait for there friends or would call them standing outside their door waiting patiently for them. That’s not it after they return from their swim and before sunset, they drop each other home and say goodbye in their language. This takes place in a village in China 

Don’t believe us? See the video yourself


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